Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec 2nd episode is now up!

Download the mp3 here

The setlist:
hot flowers- I want you
bombshell rocks- poison radio
bombshell rocks- this time around
tinkerbelles- when puppies cry
tinkerbelles- I gotta go
western addiction- I'm no the man that I thought
carousel kings- chameleon
swingin utters- napalm south
swingin utters- spanish
swingin utters- unaffected
cut teeth- sea of id
cut teeth- gunshots or fireworks
bots- ubiquitous
bots- silhouettes
dwarves- kings of the world
dwarves- get up and get high
Omaha- call it a crime
Omaha- horseshoes, hand grenades
Omaha- sharpshoot my hart
feral trash- seventeen
feral trash- ghost in you
xerxes- collision blonde
xerxes- nosedive
violent Vatican- smell the paint
violent Vatican- mona lisa's nipples
violent Vatican- are you down to get down
violent Vatican- don't trust the virgin
violent Vatican- hit
hoods- that's what's up

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