Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 23rd best of cancon show is now up!

Dec 23rd best Canadian full lengths show

cowboy mouth- joe strummer
jesus les filles- gentil
cliffjumper- peasant king
teledrome- new motion
Baptists- bloodmines
greys- girl in landscape
sonic avenues- in your head
pup- dark days
steve adamyk- band no gonne ever
seaway- keep your stick on the ice
rust belt lights- parkside
fucked up- led by hand
wayfarer- translating
junior battles- assholes on rollerblades
planet smashers- snowbird
the victim party- tabi irani tragically fascist or fascistically tragic
fossil- jeppo invasives- the way you swing
solids- cold hands
dead ranch- waterpark shark
fullcount- no way out
white lung- snake jaw
rebel spell- last run

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