Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 9th episode is up!

Here's the Mp3

And here is the setlist:

7 seconds- my aim is you
slow science- the ballad of joe 'mama' besser
slow science- so it goes
helen earth band- anchor
helen earth band- pieces
little big league- deer head
little big league- property line
little big league- on air
rome romeo- lonely one on one
rome romeo- short inventory
legendary wings- I think I'm dumb
legendary wings- spacehead
legendary wings- sun
coneheads- out of control
coneheads- hack, hack, hack!
coneheads- waste 'o' space (night fever)
fuck the facts- endless emptiness
fuck the facts- disabused
fuck the facts- l'impasse
oxygen destroyer- preoccupied
oxygen destroyer- november brain
couch slut- little girl things
couch slut- carped farmer

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