Tuesday, October 30, 2012

oct 23rd edition now up!

I Was Young in the 90's was a rerun but it was one of the better one's I've done.  Check it out here:

download the best show ever here:

and here's the setlist:
dillinger 4 -born on a pirate ship
swellers- hands
swellers- let me in
invasives- murderin the afternoon
yadokai -an apparation/contrition
further seems forever- janie
further seems forever- way down
further seems forever- penny black
trash the dress -why do I do the things I hate
cloud rat- sinkhole
guilt trip- scam
basement- covet
basement- black
the wait- passaic river high
the wait- playing dead
park -cover up
thousand young -not on any map
thousand young -call off the arms race
robert zemekis -name of the game
robert zemekis -mirror stare
damages -regret
fucked up- ship of fools
the beatdown- no man
Ssion- earthquake

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Was Young In the 90's Oct 17th edition is now up

download it here:

Oct 16 edition of the best show ever is now up!

 Download the show here:

The Setlist:
uncommonmenfrommars- sk8boarding hurts more when you're over 30
luther -backyard fence appeal
luther -heavy money
shang a lang- dead to the world
torches to trigger- countdown
torches to trigger- sunburn
h2o- satyagraha
capital- bog road
goes cube -the ban has been lifted
metz -get off
metz -headache
metz -wasted
olive drab- slugger
anne- pet names
whirr -twist
wrong generation- your kind
wrong generation -kill your landlord
pig destroyer -machiavillien
pig destroyer -permanent funeral
pregnancy scares- american uncle
pregnancy scares -point 24
trash talk -exile on broadway
trash talk -uncivil disobediance
in tongues- faceless
cerce- libel
cerce- concussion
converge -a glacial pace
mystery machine- octagon skylig

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New episode up of the best show ever! oct 9th edition

Download it at any of these places


The setlist:
moneybrother- I got a power of my own
crime in stereo- republica
carpenter- just another Friday night
limbeck- already gone
anchorless- watermark
head down- go slowly
fire cracker- I'll stay by your side
mort-o-dents- le cacactus
blurt- the upsides
comadre- cold rain
converge- vicious muse
converge- coral blue
converge- shame in the way
godspeed you! Black emperor- mladic
toche amore- unsatisfied
casket lottery- white lies
brick- this breed indeed
brain tumors- being alive sucks
drunkula- rotted love
drunkula- brides of drunkula
mystery machine -floatist

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10th edition of I Was Young in the 90s now up with setlist

Download the episode here:

Or find it here under wednesdays if that doesn't work

And the setlist:

Paleface-she was talking to me
Soundgarden-drawing flies
Unwound-nervous energy
Unwound-understand and forget
Raggadeath-one life
Planet smashers-all men fear women
James-how was it for you
Slowburn-how was the party
Watchmen- laughter
Hayden-a fortune I'd kept
Further-filling station
Gren-she shines
Weezer-tired of sex
Sigur Ros-agaetis byrjun

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 2 episode now up! also I was young in the 90's oct 3rd edition

Check out the punk show at these places:

 The setlist:
the atom age- the hottest thing that’s cool
hop along -tibetan pop stars
kremlings -abort clusters of crawling sapiens
campaign- slums
goodtime boys- daylight
tranzmitors- concrete depression
life support- composition sinking
thousand young- there is no shame
masked intruder -breakin
pure love- bury my bones
sport melbourne 1956
titus andronicus- my eating disorder
titus andronicus -still life with a hot deuce on silver platter
titus andronicus- titus andronicus vs the absurd univers (3rd round ko)
fake boys- best post
secretions- back in the day punk
lowtalker- tension
lowtalker- weight of an anvil
homage- groundwork
homage -definitive
pig destroyer -Everything you Can Think
pig destroyer -the american head
a death for every sin- the black path
this is war- all by your loathsome

Listen to I was Young in the 90s here:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New episodes of the Best Show Ever and I Was Young in the 90s are now available

Here's the link for I was Young in the 90s:

And here are the links for The Best Show Ever

the setlist:
titus andronicus -in a big city
further seems forever- so cold
california x -sucker
new lows- losing streak
no problem -gimme reasones
adelleda- don't worry I'm drunk
adelleda -just a shame
propaghandi- things I like
propaghandi -dark matters
flatliners- liver alone
flatliners- christ punchers
not on tour- modern slavery
not on tour- banks
not on tour- stay home
adventures- like seed
limits and lines- through the wind
solutions -a devil amongst the dancers
luther -sixty one
you.may.die.in.the.dessert- west of 1848
tidal sleep- kissing clocks
mere phantoms- prophet motive
critical convictions -manifest destiny
critical convictions- anomie
cortez- a.f.d.n.t.e.d.e.v.l.s.
polar bear club- tv party