Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oct 16 edition of the best show ever is now up!

 Download the show here:

The Setlist:
uncommonmenfrommars- sk8boarding hurts more when you're over 30
luther -backyard fence appeal
luther -heavy money
shang a lang- dead to the world
torches to trigger- countdown
torches to trigger- sunburn
h2o- satyagraha
capital- bog road
goes cube -the ban has been lifted
metz -get off
metz -headache
metz -wasted
olive drab- slugger
anne- pet names
whirr -twist
wrong generation- your kind
wrong generation -kill your landlord
pig destroyer -machiavillien
pig destroyer -permanent funeral
pregnancy scares- american uncle
pregnancy scares -point 24
trash talk -exile on broadway
trash talk -uncivil disobediance
in tongues- faceless
cerce- libel
cerce- concussion
converge -a glacial pace
mystery machine- octagon skylig

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