Wednesday, October 28, 2009

october 27th Halloween show!

Download the show here
and here is the setlist:
standstill- words
the lawrence arms- the slowest drink at the saddest day
zombina and the skeletones- dracula blood
the flatliners- and the world files for change
atom and his package- my mind is playing tricks on me
necromantix- backstage pass to hell
mi amore- chachacha d'amore
steller corpses- cemetery man
acrid- manifestation of the disease
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- lycanthrope
fear- fresh flesh
balzac- in your face
demon speed- michael landon's ghost
randy- the exorcist
horrorpops- ghouls
vampirates- wolves wolves
ink and dagger- vampire fastcode
laughing dogs- zombies
latterman- zombies are pissed
flaming tsunamis- zombies vs robots
the kill list- nick nolte vs gary busey
pitch black- the wrath
golers- original goler
tiger army- nocturnal
burnt by the sun- dracula with sunglasses
creepshow- dearly departed
send more paramedics- zombie vs shark
zombie apocalypse- god I hope this data is lying
cold as life-terror zone

Thursday, October 22, 2009

october 20th all can con edition

here's the link to listen
and here's the setlist:
whiskey trench-(I saw) your face
from grass to cheese- I really wanna be a gynecologist
barrier- what to make
no fuse inside- follow my own direction
!attention!- look what you did you little jerk
burn the past- too far gone
alien cab- your equal
hope- short but sweet
delerium- hidden song
try again- j/veux pas sortir par la fen
rad affair- tune them out
fast offensive- hong kong kung fu
swarm- last rites
low fat- fuck off too
guilt trip- teenage girls can be so cruel
ruth's hat- 25
third world planet- trendy
jonas- eradicate
forty cent fix- abigail
wast- answers
farewell to freeway- the dude
orphan choir- gravel tongues
video dead- see you in hell
threat signal- escape from reality
hard to say- baby shit herself
carryouts- carried out again
district 7- seconds down
sedatives- dead to the discourse
gravemaker- duck to dawn
handheld- dull picks and broken sticks
tianamen squares- emo kids
last communion- end it
final baton- future of flesh
black cobra- glacies en spiritu
glass dog- glass dog forever(and ever)
against time- I ask myself
spazms- I don't love you
the short fused- perfect day
uranus- under pressure
gearbox- prologue
terminal state- punxploitation
hostage life- rat lines
arise and ruin- forever damned
screwl stew- realize
shot by jack- shot by jack
the kids- step off
bayonettes- tension
farewell- the beginning of the end
brutal knights- why the beard
sissy havoc- 98 cents
fallthrough- life in red
little millionaires- go suck an egg
rum runner- hollywood girls
head hits concrete- no longer among us
bayonets!!!- biling
waste of race- total control
roc reatards- on caffiene

Monday, October 19, 2009

oct 13th edition of the best show ever

sorry it took so long to post
Here is the link to download it
And here is the setlist:
Nakatomi Plaza- ghost intruigue
Slowride-the year of the snake
racetraitor-broken dust
rufio-a simple line
hit the switch-last light
fallen idols-war on the blvd
broadway calls-wake up call
modern life is war-by the sea
casket salesmen-dr jesus
keating-love she said
strung out-jack knife
darkest hour-bitter
nothing in common-not what it seems
alkaline trio-take lots with alcohol
vendetta red-shoot up with god
seam-little chang big city
ed gein-breed
crow dragon tea-more beer come on my guitar
banner pilot-farewell to iron bastards
duck hunt-the name game
norma jean-vipers snakes and actors
prayer for cleansing-salvation

Friday, October 9, 2009

1000 Bands in 6 Months

Starting october 13th and running until april 13 or sooner. I'll be posting my set lists and showlinks here.