Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jan 17th episode is now up!

Download the show here:
The Setlist:
protomen- light up the night
protomen -hold back the night
fullblast- redemption
smoking popes- simmer down
smoking popes- someday I'll smile again
steve adamyk- band give it away
steve adamyk- band broken arms
steve adamyk- band carry on
big thief- interstate
big thief -masterpiece
neon bone- love has made me blind
neon bone- ghost
daylight robbery- new threat
daylight robbery- better off on mars
moonraker- me vs everyone
moonraker -better off on mars
evaporators- I can't be shaved
evaporators- ogopogo punk
evaporators -mohawks and dreadlocks
personal and the pizzas- concentration camp

fucked up- this mother forever

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jan 10 episode is now up!

Download the show here
Best Show Ever Jan 10th

The setlist:

menzingers- lookers
big school- after dark
adelleda- lifers
blessed -waving hand
crux of aux -splat splat
gaucho- demonios
gawker- doo haust
inactivist- pessimist-feminist
out in style- won't stay
prom nite- snakes
quarter tank- ain't done living
reliever- scale
talk show host- I don't wanna go to the library
triage- white eyes
tragic hearts- should have been you
yeah bud!!!- wast my daze
career suicide- no sleep
steve adamyk band -tell me to fall
omegas -mumble jungle
neck -do what i
ken mode- the german businessman
vcr- rip sportsboy
single mothers- city slicker
safe to say -afterglow
huttch- 100 years
public animal- breaking the low
maddigans- some people just don't get it
metz and swami john reis -caught up
john benjamin -I can't play piano, pt 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The top 10 best records of 2016!

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Best of 2016 part 2

The Setlist:

 discharge    -false flag entertainment
discharge    -hatebomb
every time I die    -glitches
every time I die    -it remembers
violent soho    -how to taste
violent soho    -loke soda
jeff rosenstock    -rainbow
jeff rosenstock    -the fuzz
nofx-    sid and nancy
nofx    -california drought
dirty nil    -friends in the sky
dirty nil    -helium dreamer
ringworm    -snake church
ringworm    -iron fist
lippies    -friend zone
lippies    -we can't go
pup    -doubts
pup    -the coast
car seat headrest    -vincent
car seat headrest    -unforgiving girl
car seat headrest    -the ballad of the costa concordia
santigold-    banshee

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Best of 2016 part 1 is now up!

 Download the show here:
Best of 2016 pt 1

The Setlist
trash boat    -the guise of a mother
trash boat    -you know you know you know
useless id    -lonely man
useless id    -closer to the edge
direct hit    -another dimension
direct hit    -infinite pills, infinite alcohol
faintest idea    -no consequences
faintest idea    -corporation
great apes    -california heart
great apes    -the escapist
angel du$t    -ready 2 receive you
angel du$t    -deep love
die young    -automations
die young    -fragile thing
ajj    -goodbye, oh goodbye
ajj    -terrifyer
ate bit    -thanks for nothing
ate bit    -pool party
greys    -no star
greys    -in for a penny
dangers    -kiss with spit
dangers-    softer science
brutal youth    -i. denial
brutal youth    -chlorine
thin lips    -I wonder
thin lips    -break up and breaking down
taxpayers    -invader
taxpayers    -rarely at least
white lung    -narcoleptic
white lung    -I beg you