Saturday, March 20, 2010

march 16th episode

download it here
here's the setlist:
glasseater -medicine
saves the day- do you know what I love the most
oscar- piece by piece
promise ring- between pacific coasts
beautiful mistake- wide eyes
sex pistols- bodies
gbh -war dogs
naked raygun- I lie
adicts -chinese takeaway
swing utters- angels pissing on your head
something fierce -on your own
the drips -old sex
ken yokoyama- don't make me pissed off
die toten hosen- strom
2 minutos -me converti en um marciano
silent majority- polar bear club
santa sangre- bury your dreams
one king down- gravity wins again
h20- this time
van stone- spring break forever
polar bear blub- another night in the rock
make do and mend -shambles
continuance- beneathe the concrete
STREETS -corey webster-still givner
black breath -murder
evaporators -I'm going to france
youth brigade -somebody's gonna get their head kicked in
catharsis -exterminating angel
reanimator -raising the dead
3 inches if blood- fear on the bridge
coma recovery-capulet

Friday, March 12, 2010

mar 9th show now up:
here's the setlist:
ghoti hook- just what I needed
the falcon -the angry cry from the angry pie
mighty midgets- you are not alone
against me- mutiny on the electronic bay
the sandwitches- tom gabel=omg tab
regulations- catholic love
toys that kill- bullet from the sky
dirty and the derelects- I got drunk and quit my job
stars burn stripes- consequence of having fun
excessives- anti socialist
golliwog -serotonin fix
inside out- under tow
preying hands- preying hands
these arms are snakes -hook o
meleeh- vowbreaker
brazen hell -boxed in
punchout- new chapter
trap them- day 29 reincarnation
hong kong blonde- into the darkness
ringers- long distance calling
nfj- sitting!!pretty
curse- killer bees
ruggedy annes- holoow heroes
poles -CN tower
tyranna -back off baby
hostage calm- nosebleed section
teen idols- the voice
bruisers -trouble
acute- yourself
total chaos -pain agony defeat
blacklisted- palisade
forstella ford- emitter follower
death by stereo- sow the seeds
tsol -funeral march
marked men -shakey ground
curl up and die -I lost my job to a machine
slapstick -not tonight
latin for truth- table
agent orange -bored of you
ted leo and the pharmasists- the stick
shared arms -101 uses for a dead rat

Saturday, March 6, 2010

march 2nd show now up!

download it here
and here's the setlist:

the martyr saint- the days you would
big drill car -16 lines
common rider- on broadway
cancer bats- scared to death
deviates- bad seed
hifi handgrenades- around again
raised by apes- calico
the pogs- I sat on a mountain and the universe smiled at me
cobweb society- nickles and dimes
roll the tanks -windspitting punk
moonshine- back to you
teenage bottlerocket- london drunk
vagina sore jr- be your babies mama
kid dynamite- breakin's a memory
from ashes rise- concrete and steel
christ all fuckin mighty- don't give a fuck
monster -don't answer the phone
copyrights- flat
forecast -heads will roll
passenger action- beneath the ruse
operation ivy- here we go again
cambridge- jewel case mafia
aging youth gang- I got something to say
strict district- no matter
gerbia- brute epaisse
bolweevils- last laugh
grey area- never again
panthro uk united 13- puku12 fight song
encyclopedia of american traitors- young comrades
karp- pistol whipped
ken mode- pioneer
maxeen -shuffle my feet
great st louis- sink
nerve agents- so very avoidable
what's eating gilbert- thinkin bout her
funeral -without a sound
day of mourning- enshrouded in briars
adhesive -your morality is broken
flogging molly- If I ever leave this world alive