Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 17th episode is now up!

Download the mp3 here
Feb 17th Best Show Ever

The Setlist:
seasons change- valentine
colleen green- grind my teeth
colleen green- pay attention
despite everything- inbetweeners
noisefight- lifeboat
start at zero- duffy
stick to your guns- it starts with me
stick to your guns- left behind
stick to your guns- to whom it may concern
 retox- the savior, the swear word
retox- you're only a crook if you get caught
goldblums- that boy ugly
eekum seekum- brutality
eekum seekum- f.u…n.
eekum seekum- commemorative action
occult tofu soup- everyday
occult tofu soup- scusez la !
prsm- wake forest
prsm- all prologue
prsm- binding borders
dwarves- trisexual
dwarves- stuck in the void
meat wave- brother
meat wave- the truth
grump- recurrent flatline
betterment- use your ouija board
 betterment- madeore and s rodriquez
secret lives- therapay
secret lives- you can't always get what you want
severe- the attention
severe- bystander
playboy manbaby- moldy cannoli

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 3rd episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the Mp3 here

Feb 3rd Best Show Ever

The setlist:
devo- fraulein
devo- be stiff
stay clean jolene- all I need
stay clean jolene- concrete block
direct hit- bad trip on holy ghost
reaganomics- bite your tongue
 toyguitar- hyenas
toyguitar- let's talk in the shower
 toyguitar- until I find you
 the raging nathans- weekday warriors
 the raging nathans- the new yorker
strange attractor- alex is a nightbanger
strange attractor- just looking
strange attractor- nightstick stomp
get off the cop- candlelight
get off the cop- lipstick tim
bummer- reminder
bummer- dig a tunnel
gulfer- willow fight
gulfer- hulk logan
decadence- intot he mouth of hell
decadence- world of abomination
funerals- veins of black
funerals- sick of sun
brutal youth- bottoming out
thou- I hate myself and I want to die
thou- pill

Jan 27th episode is now up!

Download it here
 Jan 27th best show ever
and here's the setlist:
atlas losing grip- sinking ship 
atlas losing grip- through the distance
 earworms- daedalus smiles
 earworms- major threat 
dad jokes- boner cops 
dad jokes- jcvd 
strange lords- no grave
 the sidekicks- blissfield, mi 
the sidekicks- century schoolbook grown-ups 
the sidekicks- jesus christ supermalls 
eamon mcgrath and the wild dogs- rig river 
eamon mcgrath and the wild dogs- darby crash and burn 
kimbra- 90s music
 les zerreurs- bonne fete
 les zerreurs- complique amigue
 les zerreurs- homeo 
astral gunk- astral theme 
astral gunk- hedonism 
chain and the gang- devitalize 
chain and the gang- got to have it everyday
 gashrat- I can't 
gashrat- I decided
 the saddest landscape- buring fight
 the smith street band- wipe that shit eating grin off your punchable face