Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 3rd episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the Mp3 here

Feb 3rd Best Show Ever

The setlist:
devo- fraulein
devo- be stiff
stay clean jolene- all I need
stay clean jolene- concrete block
direct hit- bad trip on holy ghost
reaganomics- bite your tongue
 toyguitar- hyenas
toyguitar- let's talk in the shower
 toyguitar- until I find you
 the raging nathans- weekday warriors
 the raging nathans- the new yorker
strange attractor- alex is a nightbanger
strange attractor- just looking
strange attractor- nightstick stomp
get off the cop- candlelight
get off the cop- lipstick tim
bummer- reminder
bummer- dig a tunnel
gulfer- willow fight
gulfer- hulk logan
decadence- intot he mouth of hell
decadence- world of abomination
funerals- veins of black
funerals- sick of sun
brutal youth- bottoming out
thou- I hate myself and I want to die
thou- pill

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