Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best Show Ever Christmas show is now up!

Download it here
 or find it here:
or stream it here:

 and here's the setlist:
nofx -xmas has been x-ed
angry snowmans- 20 lights
fucked up- david christmas
stay home- christmas song
angry snowmans- buildin toys
oui party- baby it's cold outside
zolof the rock n roll destroyer- this briskness(java)
angry snowmans- candy cane addiction
frank turner -tesco at christmas
evening rig -bartender
dollyrots- messed up xmas
angry snowmans -children are mean
johnny hobo and the freight trains- cancer for christmas
local resident failure- every days a holiday on christmas island
angry snowmans- fruitcakes
nerf herder- santa has a mullet
l status -holiday cheer
good clean fun -xmas for the skins
angry snowmans- horror christmas
nasopharyngeal leishmaniasis- santa claustraphobia
hammerdrill- silent night of genocide
faithreat -santa is a slut
angry snowmans- no presents
saccharine- trust a christmas crime
fear- another christmas beer
rudi casoni- drinkie drankie drunkie
angry snowmans -rudolph's got a problem
the mansfields- broke on christmas again
the mahones- angel without wings
angry snowmans- what we do is festive
just panic- new year
lawrence arms-100 resolutions
planet smashers- happy new years
less than jake- the new auld lang syne

And here's the link for my Christmas episode of I Was Young in the 90's

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dec 11th edition is now up as well as the dec 12th episode of I Was Young in the 90s

Downoad the Best Show Ever here:
or find it here
or stream it here:

And here is the setlist:
ceremony -everything burns
continuance -beaneath the concrete
continuance -the dream within
reunion -I've done nothing for a couple of years
reunion -dark lungs
cruel hand -cheap life
misser- bad news
with the punches- face value
new found glory- summer fling don't mean a thing
malcolm bauld -ready for anything
malcolm bauld -the workout call
kevin devine -noose dressed like a necklace
ted leo and the pharmasists -paranoia (never enough)
detentions- bored of education
detentions- I'm in love with a facist dictator
be your own pet -fuuuuuun
be your own pet- we will vacation you will be my parasol
mollasses- honey
braid -I keep a diary
braid -consolation prize fighter
braid- the new nathan detroit
quicksand -can opener
quicksand- dine alone
1 speed bike- I'm a pretzel on a stealth mission
rebel yell -vulgar male roaring

And here is the download for Dec 12 edition of I Was Young in the 90s:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 Download the new episode of The Best Show Ever here:
 or find it here
or stream it here

 The selist:
hop along- young and happy
shell corporation- atlas needs a hug
the mighty fine- weathered
batwing catwing- endless summer
the upskirts- lies
the upskirts- she devil
do you compute- erase the mistakes
do you compute- rad party
do you compute- turnstile
moonraker- degrassi knoll
sex church -hidden land
sex church -slipped
the gamits -molly
off with their heads- never run
discharge- legacy you left behind
chrissakes- granby
blacklisted -cooper fields
arkham -wolfhearts
iskra -80000
iskra- wolf of winter
barlow -death rattle
barlow- chained vain
bison bc- anxiety puke
bison bc- clozapine dream
propagandhi- note to self

Also check out the new episode of I Was Young in the 90s here

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nov 27th edition now up! Also a new episode of I Was Young in the 90s

Download the latest episode of the Best Show Ever here:
or find it here:
or stream

and here is the setlist:
snfu cheap transister radio
astpai -give is our daily bread, cars and flatscreens
antillectual- because we can
antillectual -future history
chalk talk -you're in
he who cannot be named -black eyed and blue
he who cannot be named -we did not do that
jesse fellows- choker
less than jake- younger lungs
pentimento -days away
real friends- floor boards
snuff -I blame the parents
snuff -in the streets
snuff -rat run
visitors- egypt
mahones- angels and devils
s.t.r.e.e.t.s.- downhill jam
test of time- square one-death by nastalgia
cliffjumper- go getcha wet wipes
cliffjumper -see ya never
turbonegro- tna (the nihilistic army)
haut and court -let it burst
haut and court -this genesis
jungbluth traubhagel
red hot chili peppers- sikamankinico

and here's the latest episode of I was young in the 90s: