Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 new show of I Was Young In the 90's are now up!

No setlist because I want this to be more of a candy bag but here are the links for the last 2 shows

Aug 15th

Aug 21st

or find them here

2 new shows up

Been on call which has killed my free time.  Here are the last 2 weeks worth of shows
aug 14:
aug 21
or find them here:

aug 14:
propagandhi- duplicate keys icaro
choke up- glasses and taxes
armalite metastic
shared arms -why does banana get shotgun
year zero- no tongue for eros
a death in the family- while you were away
everyone everywhere- queen mary
everyone everywhere- turn and go and turn
everyone everywhere- big hat
glassjaw- stations of the new cross
tideland- eye in the windshield
adorkables- evil dead
drunkula -get in my bed
matadors of shame- beginnings and endings
the riot before- to live and how we believe
ampere- new neither rist nor fall
comeback kid- manifest
flechett-e rations
renee heartfelt- gratitude, (for)
memorial- who are we to say
memorial- if it helps
memorial- the great lakes
sleepless- so low, solo

aug 21:
a wilhem scream- famous friends and fashion drunks
a wilhem scream- stab stab stab
jetty boys- no good
boys club- half hallowed heart
bathurst -brunch
no- can you dig it
with the punches- harvard on the hudson
masked intruder- I don't wanna be alone tonight
palm reader- war between the head and the heart
landslider- the world doesn't hate you
mercy street -try hard
mercy street -hideaway
we're not dead- some people play baseball
songs for snakes- st mary
holy mess- saddest girl to ever hold a martini
such gold- tell yourself
such gold- 2 year plan
such gold- keyhole m.o.
precurser- fireworks
blessings- strings of red
preying hands- through the dark
mi amore- rock n roll will be gone june
constraints- fairweather
state of minefield- they
no spill- blood good company

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here are the places you can download from july 31st:
the setlist:
prawn- costa rica
prawn- grass and bones
broadcaster- anythin you never heard
broadcaster- the only way you know
misspray- show them the way you do
misspray- weekends gonna kill me
pick your side- meltdown
hide your daughters- luck of insects
hide your daughters- tom and agua sucia
planet smashers- until you go away
voodoo glow skulls- knucklehead
propagandh-i failed states
tenacious d- ballad of hollywood jack and rage kage
down by law- misfits united
down by law- bullets
down by law- perpetual sorrow
cut teeth- desappeared like dinosaurs
auxes- it's not about you
hold tight- mother leopard
poser disposer- 27
poser disposer- dis-gusting bird holocaust
mixtapes -one for the ozarks
illustrations- widower
harness- scorched earth
alistair hennessey- the weight
jerk circus- all my loving
jerk circus- opener
I am war- don't worship assholes
fullblast- the song that actually doesn't end

Also check out my new 90's alt rock radio show I WAS YOUNG IN THE 90'S, broadcasting on Wednesday mornings from 10:30-12am.  No setlist but you can check out the last 2 episodes here