Saturday, November 20, 2010

best show ever nov 16th
park- cover up
fifty stars anger- revolution is now
make do and mend- firewater
throwdown- I like big butts
stretch armstrong- express yourself
f.o. the smackmagnet -the humpty dance
money in the banana stand- laughing all the way
toilet creatures- oi oi
messengers- judge
hands of the few- hold no faith
daily times- us vs them
7 seconds- police state
dag nasty- I've heard
saccarine trust- we don't need freedom
chronic sick- mucho macho
heks orkest- how will it all fit
punch- realist
mad men- tracks
on- through these eyes
the twilight transmission- clean slate
this is hell -do something
the constraints fairweather
holy mountain -jungle beatings
black kites -upsides
ays -pondering channels
ghost of a thousand -moved as mountains
undark and the radium girls- sick to my gut
beyond the black- taker
sabertooth- beerbust at the moontower
sabertooth- beach monster

Saturday, November 13, 2010

best show ever nov 9th edition:
here's the link to listen:
and the setlist:
antillictual -every crisis is a moral crisis
doughboys- no holiday from the living
queers- psychadelic mindfuck
bomb the music industry- matchless considerable
the everybodys -you squandered my love
the measure(sa)- fear of commitment
the measure(sa)- hell, I'm no Daniel Craig
the measure(sa)- timburkulosis
joyce manor- chumped
bomb pops- open ended
believe you me- same old story
energy- let's get away
ulysses and the siren- karma eater
new collisions- dying alone
rome romeo- skin temperature
the future now- frame the mentor
final baton- espion
make do and mend -unknowingly strong
make do and mend- ghostal
brain banger -a no brainer
kittens- piccolo
posers- unreality
posers -rich kids
on -more than a sound
on- knocked down
the sweet revenge -ballad of the silver gun
gallows- sick of feeling sick

Thursday, November 4, 2010

oct 26th Halloween edition
here's the show:
and the setlist:
wolf eyes -the driller
zombie apocalypse- the breaking off of fingers
killingtons- all my friends are vampires
vampirates- big ones
hellmouth- bloodstains
gray ghost- lascivious omnipotence
git -some silver skies
liquid limbs -fresh catch of death
hex dispensors -brain inside a jar
groovie ghoulies -the blob
dan padilla- fast or slow zombie, It's your choice
dwarves- oozle
abomitable iron sloth -heterdox nonconformist
somic boom six- strange transformations
bloodsucking zombies from outer space -public vampire no.1
marked men -blew my head
trap them- day forty: dead fathers
mastodon- circle of the cysquatch
hellraiser- spitting spite
black breath- eat the witch
bison bc- wendigo
nov 2nd is a pledge drive show. shouldn't be alot of music so I won't bother posting it