Saturday, November 13, 2010

best show ever nov 9th edition:
here's the link to listen:
and the setlist:
antillictual -every crisis is a moral crisis
doughboys- no holiday from the living
queers- psychadelic mindfuck
bomb the music industry- matchless considerable
the everybodys -you squandered my love
the measure(sa)- fear of commitment
the measure(sa)- hell, I'm no Daniel Craig
the measure(sa)- timburkulosis
joyce manor- chumped
bomb pops- open ended
believe you me- same old story
energy- let's get away
ulysses and the siren- karma eater
new collisions- dying alone
rome romeo- skin temperature
the future now- frame the mentor
final baton- espion
make do and mend -unknowingly strong
make do and mend- ghostal
brain banger -a no brainer
kittens- piccolo
posers- unreality
posers -rich kids
on -more than a sound
on- knocked down
the sweet revenge -ballad of the silver gun
gallows- sick of feeling sick

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