Friday, July 23, 2010

3 new shows added

here are the show I did on july 13th and 20st, as well as an episode of Steel Belted radio I did on the 20st.
here are the downloads:
july 13 best show ever
july 20th best show ever
july 20 steel belted radio

and here are the setlists
july 13th best show ever:
the hudson falcons -open all night
polar bear club -drifting
polar bear club -our ballads
the creeps -cold feet
the creeps- ready roll
humanifesto- some thai fun
humanifesto- him + a fetus = no
change of ideas- in our hands
dirty revolution- church
the real deal- rebel's chant
ashers -watch it burn
gift eaters- dues
down to earth- countdown to highlight
the exposed- dead end stories
the exposed -believe me
the exposed -away we go
new creases- new creases
prizzy prizzy please -rocket boots
real mckenzies- auld mrs huld
real mckenzies- bastards
lightning bolt- sound guardians
barrier- young warriors
sucked dry -give up
landscapes- drencher
glasses- I laugh blood
this is hell- out come the bastards
trial- live
kittens- queen of clubs

july 20 best show ever:
mineral- if I could
iron chic- every town has an elm street
calculator -jesus unfinished
marked men- the other side
the creeps -it's not right
assassinators- skeletter I stiletter
continental- long hard
the bomb pops -paranoid
our walls -re reuser, the renewer
thought explode- march of a thousand
git some -cool guys like you out of my life
sundowner- I the flicker
humanifesto- minute of ash
humanifesto- a home if nuts
humanifesto -shout amen if
roxanne- roxanne
burning love- alien vs creditor
burning love- morning after party
burning love -destroyer of worlds
shang a lang -friends grow up
so cow- start over
masshysteri- dom kan inte hora musiken
holy shit- 40oz
culture shock -forever and ever
famines- got lies
cloud mouth- shark week
Bad american- nut bag on radar
debaser- ugly

july 20th steel belted radio:
the takers -bitter holiday
sundowner- baseball's sad lexicon
real mckenzies -seany bean clan
jessica lea mayfield -kiss me again
arliss nancy -johnny appleseed
the blue shadows- If I were you
shooter jennings- the illuminated
heavy trash- bumble bee
joey only- that one last song
dead country- driving home
evening rig- goddamn I could use a drink
titus andronicus- the battle of hampton roads

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

june 6th episode now up. album features from the dopamines and the riverdales.

download it here:
and the setlist:
dig it up- aristocrats
dopamines -basement
dopamines- it really couldn't be any other
dopamines- cincinnati
state lottery- stories
frontier(s)- radiomine
stephen egerton- silencer
from plan to progress -audi alteram partem
sonic avenues -I want you to know
sonic avenues- bleed me dry
mockingbird wish me luck- orphans of a storm
mall'd to death -armani needle exchange
cub- who the hell do you think you are
norma jean- falling from the sky
hostage calm- jerry rumspringer
cry havoc -4get I lived
skewbald -sorry
low threat profile- kick my heart
low threat profile- nobody fears you
stay home -grand 95
stay home- down turn
riverdales- diabolic
riverdales- the girl in lovers lane
riverdales- bad seed baby
steve adamyk- speed it up
steve adamyk- 20/20
gravemaker- ghosts among you
matahari- deciever

Thursday, July 1, 2010

june 29th show now up! album features from gravemaker and cruel hand

here's the link to listen
and here's the setlist:
the adicts- tune in turn on drop out
the visitors- bugs
cold warps -I got opinions dude
cold warps -stupid tattoos
modernettes -barbera
modernettes- suicide club
spys- I'm a miner
spys -best I can get
500 miles to memphis -don't mistlead
hanelei -twilight gleam
defiance ohio- her majesty's miswestern island
nightlights -one of these days
paramore -looking up
joyce manor -five beer plan
gatorface -not scientists
bridge and tunnel- predecessors
united nations -communication letdown
smartbomb -record revolution
the casting out- head first
hellraiser- spite
doubledealer- not my fight
glasses -so right
grave maker -hell followed
grave maker- dead of alive
grave maker -strong hold
black pacific- when It's over
cruel hand- rotations of hurt
cruel hand -lock and key
cruel hand -broken glass

next week my album feature may be the new riverdales record or the new dopamines record. I haven't decided yet