Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 20th Best Show Ever is now up!

Download it here
or find it here
or stream it here

The setlist
marvin -tempo fighting 

marvin- the deep sheep 
pistolita- ceiling stars
pistolita- nineteen 
daggermouth- you can't soar like and eagle when you hang out with turkeys 
daggermouth- this is chase brennerman 
dog party- best friends

dog party- los angeles 
dog party- box of handkerchiefs 
light years- nice to know you 

light years- ringing in my ears
light years- us vs them talk 
chloroform- clouded head 
chloroform- only in dreams 
downtown struts- ceremony 
nothington -territorial pissings 
the story so far -clairvoyant 
stick to your guns- we still believe

drug church -attending a cousins birthday party

striver- undead me 
striver- art from misery 
aube- de guerre lasse 
aube-les condamnes

all else fails -better left undead
harms way- mind control
harms way- blind stare

al lover- moonhearts-I can go on remix

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aug 13th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

 Download the show here:
or find it here
or stream it here

 The setlist
ted leo and the pharmasists -everybody wants to rule the world

shot nerves- radios are music graves-peace tower 
shot nerves- doomsday destraction
the baxters- bavdem 
dan vapid and the cheats- cold and rainy days 
dan vapid and the cheats- I'm a contrarian

modern life is war- health, wealth and peace 
modern life is war -blind are breeding 
modern life is war- brothers in arms forever 
cliffjumper- see ya never 
cliffjumper- way too jerry springer for me 
valley boys- shooting polititians 
valley boys- fired 

bars of gold -coffee with pele 
nothington -solid ground
downtown struts -childhood 
stick to your guns- buring fight
the story so far -loro
go die scum -asset trip 
go die scum -condoblivion

the coltranes- put a ribbon on it
the coltranes -lets keep our fingers crossed 
drug church- clifton country
drug church- thrill hill
fall city fall -many lives 
fall city fall -victus

new order -temptation

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Aug 6th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download the show here:
or find it here:
or stream it here

The setlist
drug church- deconstructing snapcase
claw marks- room 215 
claw marks- spaceheater 
the odd socks- bed bug boogie 
the odd socks- fix for free 
by my oath -sleepers
norma jean- funeral singers 
norma jean- hive minds 
norma jean- the potter has no hands 
modern baseball- re-do
the hundred acre woods- all that I love 
anti-vibes- aging cooper 
anti-vibes- fix me 
anti-vibes- sex doll 
make no gains- born alone 
make no gains- noose
lee corey oswald- egg on 
lee corey oswald- dinosores 
moxiebeat- art of the city 
moxiebeat- avoiding you 
canyons- we stay in the 40's 
creeper- mother 
creeper- privileged 
puig- destroyer destroyer of baseballs 
puig- destroyer basebrawl 
 true widow- creeper

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 19th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Download it here:  
or fine it here:
or stream it here:

The setlist:
vendetta red- the oracle
INVSN -down in the shadow 
sandspur city- The ocean's that way
 the bertos-the devil counts your sheep
 tiny tortures- caps and cigarettes
 like pacific -105 mccaul st 
my man -diane court is egg's mom 

steve adamyk band -monterrey 

steve adamyk band -you're fired
 steve adamyk band for you (hold on)
balance and composure- reflection 
christian businessmen -calebs song 
christian businessmen- prometheus

 g.a.s. drummers- fallen angels 
g.a.s. drummers -the failure of senses 
g.a.s. drummers -we got the light 
sleeping patterns -taking the scenic route 
sleeping patterns- jaded

creepshow -sinners and saints 
creepshow- hello joe
 crow eater -seasick 
jean is dead- in and out 
jean is dead- drown 
ritual control- there is no mystery
 alpha and omega- questions and devils 
alpha and omega- underworld
 globe and beast-woven deep within