Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct 19th show now up! Album feature is Spin magazines tribute to Bad Religion.
here's the link to listen:

and the setlist:
good luck -novel figure
smoke or fire- neon lights
crusades- becky
crusades- gifts
aficionado- myth about real life
chosen ones -misery and company
metz- negative space
metz- automat
none more black- I'm warning you with peace and love
weakerthans- sanity
polar bear club- better off dead
cheap girls- kerosene
title fight- you're yeah
toys that kill -pliers
arrivals- fat of the land
arrivals- blank slate
balance and composure- twenty four
balance and composure -rope
stick to your guns- wolves at the door
caravels -greenland
numbers -sideways elevator
I spy -I get mad
I spy- because they don't speak
all pigs must die- hungry wolf, easy prey
madball- spiders web
knucklehead -end in sight
knucklehead- first kick
knucklehead cut to pieces

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2 new shows now up!

oct 5th edition
and setlist:
energy- walk into the fire
monster truck- space nebula
flatliners -christ punchers
flatliners- cut your teeth
big eyes- I prefer to be alone
choke up -we all know
teenage kicks- shook our bones
wayfarer -seventy times seven
baroness- bikeage
party at the moontower- 50 year storm
hormoans- hormoans
trash talk- rabbit holes
envy -worn heels and the hands we hold
the arrivals- 2 years
the arrivals- water water everywhere
the arrivals- simple pleasures in america
subb- a little more noam chomsky(a little less of you and me)
good riddance- more depalma, less felini
retard strength -less stance, more dance
a wilhelm scream -less bright eyes, more deicide
paint it black- less deicide, more minor threat
glory bound- less ron jeremy, more ian mackaye
sharks- keep your head up kid
detroit -spiritual autopsy
ratking- self-defenestration
burdoned -loose screws
accidental gun death- rejected
talk is poison- rage to infinity
your demise -the kids we used to be
red collar -catch a ride

and the oct 12th edition

and the setlist:
party at the moontower- mitchy mitchy mitchy
junior battles -basements
junior battles- roads? Where we're going we definitely need roads
prevenge- one day at a time
stuck out here -hit the switch
fear of lipstick- just for a moment
fear of lipstick- don't want
fear of lipstick- in the city
fear of lipstick- I wanna be your werewolf
the lewis turnout- sex, drugs and larp
shot baker- short on time
lemuria- race the germ
screeching weasel -cool kids
screeching weasel- jock punks
screeching weasel -nicaragua
screeching weasel -thrift store girl
screeching weasel -static
screeching weasel -nobody likes you
screeching weasel -I wanna be with you tonight
screeching weasel -I'm not in love
screeching weasel -pervert at large
screeching weasel -you're the enemy
screeching weasel -veronica hates me
new creases -northeast charm
sex bob-omb- threshold
the wunder years- dynamite shovel
2 cow garage -lucy and the butcher knife
arliss nancy- abacus
500 miles to memphis- everybody needs an enemy