Monday, October 19, 2009

oct 13th edition of the best show ever

sorry it took so long to post
Here is the link to download it
And here is the setlist:
Nakatomi Plaza- ghost intruigue
Slowride-the year of the snake
racetraitor-broken dust
rufio-a simple line
hit the switch-last light
fallen idols-war on the blvd
broadway calls-wake up call
modern life is war-by the sea
casket salesmen-dr jesus
keating-love she said
strung out-jack knife
darkest hour-bitter
nothing in common-not what it seems
alkaline trio-take lots with alcohol
vendetta red-shoot up with god
seam-little chang big city
ed gein-breed
crow dragon tea-more beer come on my guitar
banner pilot-farewell to iron bastards
duck hunt-the name game
norma jean-vipers snakes and actors
prayer for cleansing-salvation

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