Wednesday, October 28, 2009

october 27th Halloween show!

Download the show here
and here is the setlist:
standstill- words
the lawrence arms- the slowest drink at the saddest day
zombina and the skeletones- dracula blood
the flatliners- and the world files for change
atom and his package- my mind is playing tricks on me
necromantix- backstage pass to hell
mi amore- chachacha d'amore
steller corpses- cemetery man
acrid- manifestation of the disease
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- lycanthrope
fear- fresh flesh
balzac- in your face
demon speed- michael landon's ghost
randy- the exorcist
horrorpops- ghouls
vampirates- wolves wolves
ink and dagger- vampire fastcode
laughing dogs- zombies
latterman- zombies are pissed
flaming tsunamis- zombies vs robots
the kill list- nick nolte vs gary busey
pitch black- the wrath
golers- original goler
tiger army- nocturnal
burnt by the sun- dracula with sunglasses
creepshow- dearly departed
send more paramedics- zombie vs shark
zombie apocalypse- god I hope this data is lying
cold as life-terror zone

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