Sunday, November 8, 2009

i've been sick. here's nov 3rd's show

download it here:
sass dragons- explode alamode
chune- clauos
sleepwall- tennessee sun
lemuria- expert herder
prize country- regular nights
take off the halter-gas chamber
marvelous darlings -I want my brand
young govenor- virginia creeper
gift eaters -it lifts, it sways
downway -railed
contrabandit- s.l.a
permanent bastards- we stole these songs
kajta- aphasia
insergent -tin cans and strings
get bent -to a buddy at war
her breath on glass -dying is an art
comadre -viva hate part 2
cheap girls- lab technicians
hope conspiracy- greed taught war driven
austrian death machine -it's simple, if it jiggles it fat
grey ghost -slay or stay
noise by numbers -a single bullet
comeback kid -lorelei
it's all gone to hell -jack broken heart
a perfect murder -dead and gone
algernon cadwallader -second rate
used kids- doomed to be alone
stephan and the problematix -ssdd
the get up kids -don't hate me
the frenetics -bullpen
this time next year -the rise and fall
gypsy -relative distant

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