Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nov 10th episode. download here http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/49-The_Best_Show_Ever-20091110-2100-t1257886800.mp3
and here is the band list:
american steel- old croy road
memorial- the great lakes
esoteric- disappearing
no trigger- north american
sick sick birds- do the texas
combat wounded veteran- I've got a sling shot
deadline -apathy
gang green- narrow mind
I object- give me 3 chords and 30 seconds
blood brothers- guitarmy
bodies in the gears of the apparatus- white track whore
retching red- battery acid
the freeze- idiots at happy hour
fuck the facts- horizon
dean dirg- !!!!
bruce banner- we are bruce banner
jerry's kids- straight jacket
pig destroyer- 3 second apocalypse
das oath -bush licked
good riddance- trophy
kill your idols- stop comparing us to negative approach
bigwig- freegan
circle jerks- deny everything
head wound city- thank you
consumed -delraiser
asshole parade- mail in result
97a- blueprint
fyp- dum cos I said so
sleepasaurs- maybe one should?
countdown to oblivion- star wars
wrangler brutes -garbage can
star pupil- context
get rad- I'm peeing red
screeching weasel- we skate
darkbuster- grandma was a nazi
cleveland bound death sentence- east river
backup plan- I broke your heart
dan padilla- shit's tight
I farm -chairman me
frenzal rhomb- predickle me this
queers- too many twinkies
spazz- prayer for the complete
all- she brock my dick
C.AARME -o'neil oh no
ensign- d.b.c.
left for dead -didn't I
affirmative action jackson- the shape of trash to come
no fun at all- get a grip
recension -psudo teen angst is a funny joke
haymaker -take it back
lanemeyer -alarm
unbelievers- medium at best
blatz- homemade speed
thieves- murcury rising
pachino ca- destroyer
surplus sons- city nights
this is hell- never get sick
dead in hollywood -sing it away
a wilhelm scream -skid rock
a death in the family- familiar strangers
some girls- deathface

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