Wednesday, November 18, 2009

november 17th show

download the show here
and here is the setlist:
weatherbox -atom smash
marginal man- friend
the summer pledge- what's yr facorite collar?
agent -current
git some -buckle up!
riptides -shell shock
the effection- maria
subcity- drag me down
stretch armstrong- busted
subhumans- piss on you
sixer- hero
bleeding though- love lost in a hale of gunfire
classics of love- don't stand down
defeater- the bite and sting
wisdom in chains- chasing the dragon
nofx- fermented and failing
equation of state- my suggestion is that you fuck off
born dead icons- great western mistakes
saint alvia cartel- time to go
extortion- get fucked
heartsounds- pi ata
deadly sins -ashes
lewd acts -I don't need you
as fall comes- silence
songs from a room- player player
despised icon- black lungs
13 inches of blood- call of the hammer
farewell continental- western boys and girls

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