Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New episode up of the best show ever! oct 9th edition

Download it at any of these places


The setlist:
moneybrother- I got a power of my own
crime in stereo- republica
carpenter- just another Friday night
limbeck- already gone
anchorless- watermark
head down- go slowly
fire cracker- I'll stay by your side
mort-o-dents- le cacactus
blurt- the upsides
comadre- cold rain
converge- vicious muse
converge- coral blue
converge- shame in the way
godspeed you! Black emperor- mladic
toche amore- unsatisfied
casket lottery- white lies
brick- this breed indeed
brain tumors- being alive sucks
drunkula- rotted love
drunkula- brides of drunkula
mystery machine -floatist

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