Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct 2 episode now up! also I was young in the 90's oct 3rd edition

Check out the punk show at these places:

 The setlist:
the atom age- the hottest thing that’s cool
hop along -tibetan pop stars
kremlings -abort clusters of crawling sapiens
campaign- slums
goodtime boys- daylight
tranzmitors- concrete depression
life support- composition sinking
thousand young- there is no shame
masked intruder -breakin
pure love- bury my bones
sport melbourne 1956
titus andronicus- my eating disorder
titus andronicus -still life with a hot deuce on silver platter
titus andronicus- titus andronicus vs the absurd univers (3rd round ko)
fake boys- best post
secretions- back in the day punk
lowtalker- tension
lowtalker- weight of an anvil
homage- groundwork
homage -definitive
pig destroyer -Everything you Can Think
pig destroyer -the american head
a death for every sin- the black path
this is war- all by your loathsome

Listen to I was Young in the 90s here:

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