Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best Show Ever Christmas show is up! Download the mp3~

Download the mp3 of the show here:


And here is the setlist:
sundials- christmas day
sorority noise- nick kwas christmas party
poison idea- santa claus is back in town
angry snowmans- sugar plum
christian businessmen- krampus
faithreat- santa is a slut
happy fangs- all I want for christmas is halloween
angry snowmans- bright lights
angry snowmans- code yule
angry snowmans- december 23rd
angry snowmans- festive
angry snowmans- I turned into a nutcracker
angry snowmans- naughty little monster
angry snowmans- toblerone addict
angry snowmans- we're only gonna buy (for our own christmas list
bloodshot bill- stuffin her stockin
hard left- skinheads home for christmas
lostfu- nativity play
cut teeth- christmas on easter island
international karate plus- black christmas
joyce manor- christmas card
masked intruder- under the mistletoe
masked intruder- silent night
nofx- xmas has been x'ed
punchline- icicles
the connection- west coast
mansfields -broke on christmas again
xmasx- dredel song
xmasx- jinglebelle rock
slates-everyday is a holiday
doughboys- no holiday (from living)
stay home- stay home for the holidays
teenage x- holiday road
white lung- hunting holiday

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