Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The best of 2014 is now up!

Downloadable in 2 hour and a half long mp3s
Right click and save as 
 best show ever best of 2014 part 1
best show ever best of 2014 part 2

The setlist:
rvivr- the sound
 sweet empire- rosa 
sweet empire- army boys
 cruel hand- pissing-spitting 
cruel hand- unhinged-unraveled
 hard girls- sign of the dune 
hard girls- die slow
tim version- funny movies
 tim version- plague dogs 
sorority noise- dirty ickes 
sorority noise- still shrill 
swingin utters- napalm south
 swingin utters- unaffected 
cheap girls- amazing grace 
cheap girls- 7-8 years bonus track 
slippertails- hip new jerk 
slippertails- will peel you open
 xerxes- criminal animal
 xerxes- exit 123 
white lung- I believe you 
white lung -sycophant
 the menzingers- my friend kyle
 the menzingers- hearts unknown 
modern baseball- apartment 
modern baseball- going to bed now 
cloud nothings- now hear in 
cloud nothings- psychic trauma 
bloodsucking zombies from outer space- bride of frankenstein
 bloodsucking zombies from outer space- the devil rides out
 nouns- closer 
nouns- ski mask
 trash talk- cloudkicker
 trash talk- locked in skin 
the smith stree-t band surrender
 the smith street- band surrey drive 
every time I die- decayin with the boys 
every time I die- idiot
 beige eagle boys- I saw your face on the pavement 
beige eagle boy-s katy pery 
pears- victim to be
 pears- breakfast 
the lawrence arms- beautiful things
 the lawrence arms -october blood
 fucked up- the art of patrons
 fucked up- glass boys 
pup- never try
 pup- back against the wall 
masked intrude-r Saturday night alone 
masked intruder -you're the one to blame 
weatherbox- bring us the head of weatherbox 
weatherbox- dark all night for us 
weatherbox- kick flips

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