Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan 20th episode of The Best Show Ever is now up!

best show ever jan 20th

The setlist
old towns -leaving songs
 falling sickness- hard enough
 falling sickness- ease up 
pacer- hammers
 pacer- relative motions 
castoff- anytown usa 
castoff- complicated words
 sharkanoid- michelle 
sharkanoid- powersuit 
sharkanoid- my life
 kevin devine- she can see me
 kevin devine- private first class
 toys that kill -times we can't let go
 joyce manor- bride in heat split some lips 
no hands- lifejacked 
no hands -borrowed time 
no hands- beg cousins road 
cousins -secret weapon 
cousins- what's ur name
 cousins- singing 
best friends- surfstramental 
best friends-uh huh 
entropy- meat mattress
 entropy- dead things mikey, dead things 
aussitot mort- le chant des sera nes
 aussitot mort- a quatre pages du bonheur

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