Tuesday, April 3, 2012

march 27th edition now up!

Here's some links to listen:

and the setlist:
mind spiders -fall in line
evaporators -I hate being late
hextalls -dirty kelly gruber
quiet steps- thin ice
man overboard- I saw behemoth and it ruled
tappi tikarrass- skrid
grimskunk- loaded gun
ten thirty nine- the beat
black breath- mother abyss
black breath- feast of the damned
black breath- the flame
hey smith- the first love song
direct effect- lazy boy
ceremony- hotel
teenage kicks- you shall not want
romeo retarded- high road
the frantic- blackout brigade
titus andronicus- upon viewing oregon's landscape with the flood of detritus
gundown- need our pride back
faithreat -zombie mosh
dockside hookers- forever young
keyes- cities of fog with nothing to love
s.h.i.t.- feeding time
stick to your guns -built upon the sand
stick to your guns -against them all
weirdonia- I like rumble fish
weirdonia- masked boy
weirdonia- dutchman

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