Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mar 25th edition is now up!

Right click and save the show as an mp3 here
or find it with older shows here
or use the tune in streaming site here

The setlist:
the men- dark waltz 
the men- pearly gates 
thee nodes- commodify me- f.o.l. 
dirty nil- nicotine 
dirty nil- new flesh 
dirty nil- pale blue 
sonic avenues- waiting for a change 
sonic avenues- in your head 
sonic avenues- new vogues 
tenement- wouldn't let you go 
screaming females- ancient civilization 
dollyrots- stupidly in love 
dollyrots- homecoming 
war on women- effemimania 
war on women- I like science 
perfect pussy- bells perfect 
pussy- advance upon the real 
lipstick homicide- rocker chick 
lipstick homicide- vampire club part II 
glos- break my heart 
posture and the grizzly- gods drugs 
disdonut- fritter obliteration 
disdonut- nuclear dutchie 
disdonut- death's doorstep double chocolate 
the jook- watch your step 
the jook- everything I do

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