Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Apr 8th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Stream it here
or download the mp3 here (right click and save-as)
or find it and other shows here

The setlist
banner pilot- springless 
fireworks- flies on tape
fireworks- run brother run 
off!- red white and black 
off!- meet your god 
forus- radio lives 
forus- beardy crook 
menzingers- transient love 
menzingers- bad things 
menzingers- sentimental physics 
chuck ragan -revved 
chuck ragan- gave my heart out 
great collapse- civic disassociation 
great collapse- quarantine 
I am the avalanche- young kerouacs 
I am the avalanche- two runaways 
teledrome- boyfriend 
teledrome- new motion 
teledrome- golden dawn 
thee nodes- stage dive 
thee nodes- marcs song 
thee nodes- mirror 
thee nodes- floating through the sky 
thee nodes- my mask 
fucked up- I wanna be a yank 
plague vendor- my tongue is so treacherous 
plague vendor- black sap scriptures 
the overseer- fragile wings 
the overseer- depraved

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