Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 22nd show is now up!

Find it here
or download the mp3 here
or use tune-in radio here

The setlist :
plebian grandstand- endless craving 
la sera- running wild 
the both- the prisoner 
the both- volunteers of america 
girl arm- her hands 
girl arm- trading cities 
weatherbox- dark all night for us 
weatherbox- ghost malls 
weatherbox- radio hive 
osoosooso- moving on 
osoosooso- para 'effin dise, baby! 
heart attack kids- bitter sweet 
heart attack kids- have heart 
screamin sam- another world 
screamin sam- live for today 
crow bait- why don't you 
crow bait- last house on the left 
business models- the aptitude 
business models- learn a thing 
clarity- break out 
clarity- unstoppable 
iron reagan- I spit on your face-grave 
iron reagan- spoiled identity 
demolition- big jon's mosh 
demolition- nowhere to hide 
demolition- united we stand 
deftones- smile

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