Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 1st edition is now up!

download the mp3 here
or stream it here
 or find it here

The setlist
hold steady- spinners 
coathangers- follow me 
coathangers- zombie 
pheromoans- robotic son 
pheromoans- midnite watchdog 
minority 905- flunkies and junkies 
minority 905- avenue under the stars 
unwelcome guests- everything new 
unwelcome guests- kick the beams 
unwelcome guests- slippery strings 
la dispute- scenes from highways 
la dispute- the child we lost 
rust belt lights- how to live without 
rust belt lights- stay young or die trying 
rust belt lights- pack up and let go 
bombshell rocks- scars and tattoos 
bombshell rocks- looking for a hero 
morning glory- I am machine gun 
morning glory- punx not dead, I am 
rosewater- bayleaf 
rosewater- masturcreition 
disrape- disaster strikes 
disrape- abra cadaver 
disrape- mercy of a swift death 
xaphan- cold surge

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