Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 18th edition is now up!

Stream it here
or download it here
or find it with other shows here

The setlist
lawrence arms- bonfire park 
bayside- big cheese 
bayside- bear with me 
failures union- lost a fight 
failures union- finer print 
worship this!- red herring 
worship this!- monophobe 
shell corporation- appetite for distraction 
shell corporation- hear them wail 
shell corporation- the message 
'68- three is a crowd 
'68- third time is a charm 
sex church- dead end 
sex church- let down 
white lung- drown with the monster 
vcr- think twice 
vcr- scream 
die nerven- albtraum 
die nerven- und ja 
ringworm- dawn of decay 
ringworm- I recommend amputation 
snakecharmer- severed foot 
snakecharmer- honest broker 
snakecharmer- split link 
snakecharmer- scdc 
I am heresy- blasphemy incanate 
I am heresy- throw wide the gates

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