Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 11th episode is now up!

Stream it here
download the mp3 here
or find it here with older shows

estates- teenage 
modern baseball- apartment 
modern baseball- going to bed now 
stiff little fingers- one man island 
stiff little fingers- good luck with that 
lost years- what it feels like to be alone 
lost years- hell for the company 
failures union- between 
extra feeler- little buddy 
crow bait- dead set on destruction 
your pest band- ground zero 
beach slang- kids earworms- part of the process 
liver- juliet in banff 
brews willis- great energy 
crooked jacks- sucked you in 
hsy- milk chug 
dig it up- bleed american 
bleed american- something else 
bleed american- skid 
bleed american- I'd like to take this opportunity 
shank- song for my rights 
shank- tonight the streets are ours 
callow- dead end kids 
jungbluth- keeping peace 
earth crisis- de-desensitize 
earth crisis- devoted to death

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