Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feb 25th episode is now up!

Due to a work emergency, March 4th's episode had to be a rerun.  Sorry bout that.  I did have a show ready to go though so that's what you'll be hearing on this weeks show (mar 11th).
Stream the show here
or download the mp3 here
or find it and older episodes here

The setlist
comeback kid- die knowing 
blacksmith- stars 
blacksmith- distance 
law$uits- uniform 
law$uits- twerp 
losing traces- farewell 
losing traces- no place for dreams 
carmonas- why not? 
carmonas- put your mouth in o 
carmonas- gema mola 
odd dates- wu wei 
odd dates- this basement is most definitely haunted 
peace be still- dunston checks in 
peace be still- classes a to c of wonderment 
gulfer- hulk logan 
comeback kid- lower the line 
comeback kid- somewhere in this miserable 
comeback kid- sink in 
zen fuck-ups- paranoid 
zen fuck-ups- paranoid 
energy- we are 138 
energy- hollywood babylon 
toronto homicide squad- cold eggs 
toronto homicide squad- cripples'n'kids 
toronto homicide squad- it takes a lot to kill a man 
new lows- abhorrent endings 
new lows- shelter shard 
will haven- harvesting our burdens

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