Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feb 18th edition is now up!

Download the Mp3 here
or find it here
Or stream it here

The setlist
dan vapid and the cheats- devo on speed 
devo- girl you want 
the estranged- fatalist flaw 
the estranged- mark of sin 
big ups- atheist self-helm 
big ups- fresh meat 
kittyhawk- the green 
cherry cola champions- static 
shonen bat- dani, earnest 
shonen bat- anger 
shonen bat- hum 
feefawfum- az 
feefawfum- black bichon 
the sediment club- orphans tongue the 
sediment club- voodoo puppet 
broadcast zero- nowhere to go 
broadcast zero- personal overload 
who cares?- no core 
who cares?- le grand deploiement 
who cares?- nuclear bride 
who cares?- new hope 
backtrack- rot in your race 
backtrack- lost in life 
dangers- the mourning routine 
dangers- five o'clock shadows at the end of the western world 
gimp teeth- are you a cotholic 
gimp teeth- colonopin bottle 
chloroform- dainty crust 
chloroform- clouded head 
courtesy drop- a toast to the valiant phil coulson 
courtesy drop- science is a liar sometimes

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