Friday, February 21, 2014

The best movies of 2013!

So it's getting close to Oscar time and I'm feeling confident that I've seen MOST of the better films released in 2013.  Here are my top 25 in no particular order:
(Click on the titles for trailers)

Nebraska- If there wasn't such tough competition this year, I'm sure both Bruce Dern and June Squib would win Oscars for it.

The Battery- The best zombie film in years.  Almost all of it takes place in the outdoors yet it always feels so claustrophobic.

Philomena- Deserves the Oscar for adapted screenplay.  Full disclosure; I am a huge Steve Coogan fan.

Broken Circle Breakdown- The saddest movie I have ever seen.  Should win for best Foreign film.

Gravity- I wasn`t interested until I found out who the director was.  Then I was all in.  I`ll go on a limb here and say it`s the best movie of the year from a technical and direction standpoint.

Computer Chess- One of the most bizzare films I have ever seen.  You`d swear it was a documentary from the 80`s.  The best part is where the programmers start to experience the glitches from their programming in their own lives.

Stoker- Go Buy everything Chan-Wook Park has ever done.  He has an attention to detail that is superhuman.

Upstream Color- Incredible performances and cinematography with very little dialogue.

The Act of Killing- A difficult to watch documentary about Indonesian mass murderers reenacting their killings.

Mood Indigo- The latest from Michele Gondry starring Audrey Tautou. Such playful scenery.

The Great Beauty- Italian film reminiscent of Felinni`s 8 1/2.  Think of it as a guided tour of the most beautiful aspects of Rome.

Dallas Buyers Club-  I can`t stand Jered Leto but have to admit that he`s incredible in this film. McConaughey is a shoe-in for best actor.

Star Trek: Into Darkness-  Star Trek has never been more enjoyable than when it`s directed by JJ Abrams.

Alan Partridge:  Alpha Papa- Huge Steve Coogan fan over here!  The movie continuation of the very popular British character.  I could not stop laughing.

Frances Ha-  Greta Gerwig is one of the brightest and most relatable actresses working today. 

The East- Another film starring one of the most promising actresses out there: Brit Marling.

Blackfish- A documentary about Orcas in captivity.  It may single handedly destroy marine parks.

Kings of Summer- Nick Offerman should be in every movie.

The Dirties- If you ever wondered how school shooters were made.

Escape From Tomorrow- Shot in Disneyland without Disney`s permission.  Worth watching for it`s notoriety alone.

The Way Way Back- The directoral debut of Nate Faxon and Jim Rash after winning screenplay Oscars for The Decendents.  The cast is stacked.

The Spectacular Now- Great drama with a really young cast.

The Conjuring-  Really effective ghost story about the real life Warren couple.

Pacific Rim-  I love giant monsters.  I love giant robots.

The Worlds End-  Pegg, Wright, and Frost`s 3rd in the Cornetto Trilogy.  So much more than what anyone else is doing.

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