Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 new shows!

Find the shows from Jan 21st and Jan 28th here
or stream them here

Download Jan 21st here

 The setlist
french exit- home I guess 
french exit- whoa no 
pup- yukon 
pup- lionheart 
radioactivity- alright 
radioactivity- sickness 
rydell- longshot 
rydell- the lost boys 
against me!- dead friend 
against me!- transgender dysphoria blues 
against me!- unconditional love 
you blew it!- house and address 
you blew it!- metch and tinder 
lawnmower- team spirit 
lawnmower- adams 
slippertails- garden state of mind 
slippertails- hip new jerk 
cyrus gold- bones 
cyrus gold- your party 
spectres -between two lines 
spectres- slender man 
lovechild- strangers 
lovechild- perfectionist 
rayleigh- rust 
rayleigh- backwaters

Unfortunately, I don't have a setlist for Jan 28th's show but you can download it here

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