Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 14th edition of The Best Show Ever is now up!

Part 2 of my Best records of 2013

Stream it here
or download it here:
or find it here

The setlist:
wringer- 15 minutes in denton 
wringer- closed book 
stickup kid- the depths of me 
stickup kid- wasted 
2 cow garage- my friend adam 
2 cow garage- the little prince and johnny t 
woolworm- sixteenish 
woolworm- believe in ourselves 
comadre- hack 
comadre- binge 
a wilhelm scream- gut sick companion 
a wilhelm scream- born a wise man 
melt banana- infection defective 
melt banana- zero 
iron reagan- I predict the death of harold camping 
iron reagan- two examples 
bars of gold- connected 
bars of gold- monical 
crusades- the torchbearer 
crusades- the heroic frenzies 
rumspringer- duct tapa and sheer will 
rumspringer- a different wavelength 
sigur ros- kveifur

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