Tuesday, August 26, 2014

aug 19th episode now up!

find the episode here
or stream it here
or download the mp3 here

 the setlist:
new end original- lukewarm 
vandals- joe 
surplus sons- city nights
liam lynch- united states of whatever 
sissy havoc- finger painting
luckie strike- new dress 
armalite- ymca 
dbgs- hardcore nothing
contradict- ending the denial
hope- john's gone straight edge 
dean malenkos- nowegian punk song 
jud jud- wah wah song 
death by stereo- emo holocause 
pitboss 2000- circle moshing rules the 
hellacopters- soulseller
 randy- it makes no difference
 our mercury- spirits up 
no secrets between sailers- you were meant for lights 
all autonomy- 5 song 
sicker than others- it's you
 idle minds- close enough 
suck la merde- montreal centre-ville 
pistol grip- hallucination hallway 
the fleshy- mr seagull 
falcon- look ma! No fans!-or-do you want fries with these songs 
cookie mongoloid- the cookie 
ballast- numb again 
brakes- pick up the phone 
shockwave - kickback 
left for dead- kept in line 
day of mourning- in a word 
burnt by the sun- you will move
 throwdown- baby got back

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