Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 5th show is now up!

Download the mp3 here
or stream it here
or find it here

 the setlist
mock orange- we work 
parkside- stainded sheets 
housing- sundress 
you blew it!- my name is jonas 
you blew it!- surf wax america 
dwarves- anything you want 
dwarves- armageddon party 
dwarves- kings of the world 
dwarves- irresistible 
dwarves- fun to try 
meatmen- anna moose 
meatmen- death rig 9000 
hurula- om jag tanker alls 
hurula- stockholm brinner 
uzumake- turbomatriz 
uzumake- x 
castaway- everyone deserves to be here more than me 
castaway- ginger ale 
fossil- jeppo 
fossil- two pockets 
mill pond- sleuth 
mill pond- ghost 
dikembe- donuts in a six speed 
dikembe- pelican fly 
priceduifkes- annies on formaldehyde 
priceduifkes- she spells disaster 
coma regalia- we've all got our ghosts man 
coma regalia- eh, I guess I'm aright 
book of caverns- force fed

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