Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aug 26th is now up!

I'll have the 4 hour punk show up soon!  Just forgot is all.  Here is Aug 26th in the meantime.

Download the MP3 here:
or find it here
or stream it here
Setlist :

baby ghosts- heaven is a place in space 
kicker- kick off 
facing forward- arguments 
hindsight- pitiful 
another joe- palm mute 
booger- you like this 
nerd alert- faceplant 
copyrights- basement 
copyrights- fireworks 
copyrights- telescope 
address- 205 
address- lessened efforts 
worriers- passion 
worriers- why we try 
young uncles- so rad 
young uncles- idiot
 the weaks- dunce pageant the 
weaks- to thine own self be true 
stab me kill me- good as gone 
stab me kill me- diablo 
everybody row- coming out clean 
everybody row- the sea inside
 the dirty nil- cinnamon 
the dirty nil- guided by vices 
punch- personal space 
punch- waiting game 
punch- what's in a name 
detroit- deliberation 
detroit- noxious thoughts 
detroit- reality denied 
mi amore- chachacha d'amore 
figure four- we were invincible 
malice at the palace- watch you fall
by a thread- fashion

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