Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 23rd edition is now up!

Download the mp3 here

The setlist
blotter- gunboy rover
boys club- rip rip
boys club- snake serpent
boys club -don reaper
neighborhood archers- foundation shake up event
neighborhood archers -has beens
the timmys- ash and bone
the timmys- dude, girl
iron Reagan- class holes
iron Reagan- just say go
iron Reagan- miserable failure
iron Reagan- obsolete man
billy the kid- riverbank
boardroom heroes- never ready
boardroom heroes- safe words
modern saints- if you need a reminder
modern saints -the rest will follow
crude drawings of dicks- roach killer
crude drawings of dick-s fuck oklahoma and everyone who lives there
love American- sohl
love american -waves
hag face -barb tarbox
hag face- dirtbag dreamboat/brat
ritual mess- the last shout
ritual mess- screw the strand
whirr- dry
whirr- lines

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