Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 16th edition is now up!

Looks like I forgot to do this last week.
find the show here:
or download the mp3 here

The setlist:
supportive parents- kami cosby
supportive parents- dickmelter
the Friday prophets- found and lost
the Friday prophets- amsterdam
rain city rockers- on my own
rain city rockers- monster
the victim party- an evening with colin
the victim party- matt woo (and you can too)
the victim party- tabi irani tragically faschist or faschistically tragic
chris cresswell- daggers
chris cresswell- meet me in the shade
jesse lebourdain- he's coming to us dead
jesse lebourdain- drunkards hell
the tuts- worry warrior
the tuts- dump your boyfriend
buzzcocks- chasing rainbows in modern times
buzzcocks- the the back
heisenbeards- there will be blood
heisenbeards- say my name
hostage calm- someone else
hostage calm- past ideas of the future
weston-clumsy shy
sick of it all- built to last
sick of it all- farm team
hagface- worst nightmare
pig destroyer- volume

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