Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oct 7th is now up!

Download the mp3 here:

The setlist:
the tim version- for the birds
sink Alaska- among the wretched
sunshine state- concrete world
sunshine state- we discussed it, we disgusted
heisenbeards- bus trip
heisenbeards- party on wayne, party on garth
new found glory- ready and willing
new found glory- degenerate
new found glory- stubborn
wayfarer- irreversible
wayfarer- artificer
wayfarer- translating
moose blood- I hope you're missing me
moose blood- bukowski
static means- confusion
static means- forced embrace
hey mister!- the clockwatcher
hey mister!- pigeon squealer
hey mister!- exit stage west
settling- five years
settling- zoloft
settling- pillar of salt
wherebirdsmeettodie- acrylic
dearest- it's about time
Detroit- pills
Detroit- mules
Robocop- feminism uber alles
put it aside- put it aside
put it aside- sold out

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