Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 14th edition is now up!

Find the show here
or download the mp3 here

The setlist:
nouns- ski mask
dead milkmen- welcome to undertown
dead milkmen- dark clouds over middlemarch
code waste- ichi san
code waste- remedial
ordinary lives- the schumer box
ordinary lives- trails of dust
acacia strain- cauterizer
acacia strain- graveyard shift
acacia strain- holy walls of the vatican
ruth's hat- cowboy james
ruth's hat- same highway
the glebes- theme
chachi on acid- kiss my ass
gatgas- out of time
disleksick- nuke the bruce
excelsior- wildlife death match
don't touch the dances- my conscience
bath salts- makes me press rewind
johnny terrien and the bad lieutenants- back to the beach
stray bullets- parallels
stray bullets- campesino blood
breakout- all's quiet
breakout- retaliate
other half- stagy
other half- osker
other half- dimmer, still
asylum- vicious cycle
asylum- shitshow
nailhead-s noami
mariachi el Bronx- wildfires

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