Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 8th episode is now up!

I was off sick the on the 15th so it was just a repeat of this show
Stream the show here
or download the mp3 here
or find it here

The setlist
against me!- 500 years
modern love- hammer it apart
pennywise- what you deserve
pennywise- am oi!
fullcount- no way out
fullcount- meaningless
braid- bang
braid- pre evergreen
braid-- this is not a revolution
drones of north america- exit through the end
drones of north america- nursing the curse
sorority noise- mediocre at best
sorority noise- blonde hair, black lungs
post teens- mexican painkillers
big eyes- asking you to stay
sheer terror- the revenge of mr jiggs
sheer terror- sandbox tonka
young and in the way- loved and unwanted
young and in the way- weep in my dust
get the shot- hostile
get the shot- prometheus
godstopper- andy boy
godstopper- young queen

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