Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 24th episode is now up! All Canadian Edition!

Stream the show here:
or find the show here
or download the mp3 here

The setlist
youth brigade- sink with kalifornia
greys- flip yr lid
pregnancy scares- graveyard
fucked up- det
hashed out- maniac
fifth hour hero- a map within
fifth hour hero- bruce oh my bruce
girl arm- bad tax advice
bummer -steal the nights
teledrome -blood dips
crusades the expulsion
detroit -stand in
the dirty- nil panzer
pup- never try
radicus- 2 legit 2 quit
swarm of spheres- crust punk with a weekly allowance
unbelievers- longshot
flatliners- liver alone
mad cowboys- mumbling
the establishment- medicine
a perfect murder -I've lost
brutal youth- hunting wabbits
brutal youth- nl time
my man- graft vs host
striver -avenging storm
seconds flat- new days
the jolts- veronica

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