Tuesday, June 3, 2014

may 20th show is finally up~!

Sorry that took so long. had to do a repeat episode last week as my brother was in town and i wanted to hang out with him.

Download the mp3 here
or find it here
or stream it here

The setlist
fucked up- sun glass 
the reveling- invitations to alleyways 
the reveling- left at forkright 
defy defeat- treading concrete 
defy defeat- living it out 
andrew jackson jihad- getting naked playing with gu 
andrew jackson jihad- kokopelli face tattoo 
cheap girls- amazing grace 
cheap girls- knock me over 
cheap girls- man in question 
in beliefs- sunburn 
punchline 13- what will you do 
candy hearts- I miss you 
great apes- the whole world lost its head 
masked intruder- we got the beat 
the hot toddies- skidmarks on my heart 
old firm casuals- never say die 
cloud rat -childcraft 
cloud rat -durning doe 
code 40-11- la grande depression 
code 40-11- imbu d'impunite 
rope- spare me 
rope- meant to be sheeps 
little dragon- paris

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