Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 10th episode is now up!

find the show here 
or download the mp3 here
or stream it here

The setlist:
three on speed- sing forever
rollercoaster kills- don't ask, don't tell
rollercoaster kills- adams massacre song
first ghost- shaking
first ghost- real eyes
hindsight- pitiful
hindsight- unwind
candy hearts- michigan
candy hearts- the dreams not dead
candy hearts- top of out lungs
the tired and true- old crow
the tired and true- love bites
junior battles- three whole years
junior battles- bunk
junior battles- assholes on rollerblades
dark blue- subterranean man
dark blue- skinhead wedding in canberra
phenomenauts- infinity +1
phenomenauts- rocket soul
botfly- insicuriousity
botfly- nobody lives forever
disgusti- no great mischief
disgusti- disgusti
great reversals- leviathan smiles
great reversals- reason in madness
tigers jaw- I envy your apathy

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